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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Traditional Indian Medicine

Traditional Indian Medicine 
                                Cough- Agasthiar Sidtha Vaidya Nilayam

Agasthiar Siddha Vaidya Nilayam  is serving our Malaysians for 46 years. Here patients come from all over malaysia to get treated.
  We treat chronic Asthma ,Diabetics and Hypertention and child's diseases  in very simple ways using herbs.  We have oils leyhiams paspams chendurams and creams of all natures.

Sidtha treatment is worth trying. If you are taking Allopathic medicine too  it is no harm in taking our Indian Traditional Medicine.Then why  hesitate to try our Indian Traditional Medicines which are prepared to maintain  your health.? Alter  taking a particular medicine for many years  your body will be immune to that medicine. So if you change to alternative therapy it will pave a good way  to clean  toxins and cure your body.

Agasthiar Knnai Ennai the famous asthmatic curing oil ,loosens the phlagm very easily.
Asthma is curable; You may consume Agasthiar Kanai Ennai for your Asthma attack.Even inhaling Oil is available.

Believe me if you think of healthy life without medications,then still now it is not too late.
We teach you how you can be healthy by using herbals.Contact me in my email address
office no;  0340413041;  0340413505 or 0162500004